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Personal and audio-based navigation for everyone who needs help getting to where they want to go. Truly smart and fully automated, Waymap locates you really accurately inside and around buildings and gives you audio instructions when you need them; just like GPS in a car - but without GPS and without the car.

Waymap is here primarily to help guide those with vision impairment though anyone can use it. Waymap works in selected venues where we have created the maps and defined the instructions. The routing is calculated as you need it between any two locations in the venue and you can set preferences for step-free routes. Instructions take account of your step length and you can set preferences for the style of instructions. Prepare in advance and you can review the entire route before you get there.

For vision impaired users, You'll need headphones to hear the instructions. Waymap gives you the instructions automatically when your phone is clipped to your belt. The algorithms inside learn how you walk and you will need to spend a bit of time setting it up to get the best out of it. Waymap is intended for use with iPhone 7 or newer.

Expect more places and more features over the coming weeks. We appreciate all feedback. The more you tell us the quicker we can help make the work a more accessible place for everyone.